Wappara Ruins

The 5,000-year-old Stone Circle ruins is a must-visit place. During the 1950-1952 period, three excavations were made and the stone ruins and pit were discovered as was a large collection of pottery and stone tools. The excavation was a monumental archeological survey in those days.

Funtokyu (Mineral Deposit Mounds) & Spherical Limestone in Takase Gorge

The hot springs have left calcium carbonate deposit mounds on the riverbed. You can see pea-sized white aragonite rock in the mouth

Mori Castle Ruins & Nishina Shrine

The ruins of a castle from the 10th century when the Nishina family ruled this area. The castle took advantage of protection with three sides being surrounded by lakes or swamps. The place of the castle is now a small village with the former main enclosure holding the Nishina Shrine and enshrining the Nishina family and other war dead.