City Center Area

Close to Shinano Omachi Station, you can walk to these facilities while waiting for a train.

  1. Omachi Mountain Museum
  2. Salt Road Chojiya
  3. Yabusame Hall
  4. Wachigai Gallery
  5. Mokusho Azumino Wood Carving Museum

Omachi Onsenkyo Area

Visitors to the Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route, and of course guests of accommodations in Omachi Onsenkyo, will want to stop by.

  1. Alps Hot Spring Museum
  2. Alps Rice Polishing Factory
  3. Shiki Theatre Company Museum
  4. Gallery Ten

East Foothills & Miasa Area

With a variety of facilities to experience, there are many ways to have fun here. Some of them provide superb views of the Northern Japan Alps mountain range.

  1. La Casta Natural Healing Garden
  2. Omachi Folk Museum
  3. Asanoyakata (House of Hemp)
  4. The Former Nakamura Family Residence

* As some facilities are closed in the winter, please check before making your visit.