Upon a visit to Omachi…

Enjoy the taste of Omachi created in its pure water and air. A large collection of historical crafts is also displayed.

Local Sake and Wine

Sake brewed using delicious rice and the meltwater from the snows of the Japan Alps, wines from locally grown grapes, and more.

Local Cuisine & Foods

Oyaki dumplings, soba noodles, miso paste, and more specialties of Omachi and Nagano Prefecture.


There are a number of long-established sweet shops where you can try a variety of distinctive sweet treats.


Bounty from the Mountains, Fields, and Water

Omachi’s clean air, delicious water, and rich natural environment, all contribute to the bounty of natural products that grow in this region.


Specialty Products from the Farm

Omachi’s passion for original gourmet foods.


Traditional skills are an inextricable part of local handcrafts.

Souvenir and Specialty Shops

Where to buy local specialties and souvenirs from Omachi.