Around Omachi Dam

The Takase Gorge Ryokuchi Park has parking and public toilets. The large grassed area is ideal for picnics and cherry blossom viewing.
* Please do not enter the Ryujin Lake walking trails, as they are currently under construction.

Around Takase Dam

* When continuous rainfall exceeds 15 mm/hour or a total of 70 mm, the management road from Nanakura gate will be closed to traffic. Additionally, around periods of heavy rainfall, the stream may be swollen. Please do not approach the stream in these dangerous conditions.

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Yumata Hiking Course

A relaxed walking course overlooking lakes and streams of emerald green. Taking 1 hr 30 min each way, the return course to Nanashi emergency hut is ideal for day-trip hiking. Continuing for another hour will bring you to Yumata Hot Springs. You can stay at Seiranso to enjoy a 2-day, 1-night trekking excursion.
【Recommended season for Yumata Hiking】
July thru October
* We recommend that you visit Funtokyu, the hot springs mineral deposit mounds, in autumn as it is easier to cross the river.
* Seiranso Lodge is open from July 1st until mid-October.

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■The flat unpaved path is suitable for trainers/sneakers.
■Trail length: About 21 km for a round trip from Takase Dam to Funtokyu.

Nigorisawa Hiking Course

Upon leaving the Fudo tunnel on the right side of the dam lake, proceed to the Fudosawa suspension bridge. Beyond here lies the trailhead for the Uraginza route into the Japan Alps, leading to Mt. Yari. The Nigorisawa falls lie about 25 minutes beyond the bridge. You must cross the Nigorisawa River in order to reach the base of the falls. (Only a log may be used to cross it.)
* On a clear day, you can see the distinctive peak of Mt. Yari from the viewpoint above the entrance to the Fudo Tunnel.

■The flat unpaved path is suitable for trainers/sneakers.
■Trail length: About 3 km for a round trip from Takase Dam to Nigorisawa.