While mountain lodges play an important role in mountain safety, they are also built to offer superb views of the surrounding mountains. The friendly staff are waiting to welcome tired hikers after a long day’s walk.
It is advisable to aim to reach your destination lodge by about 4 p.m. To prevent accidents in the mountains, it is important to allow time for your physical condition to recover. Late arrival can be a nuisance to other climbers, so please try to observe the rules and manners.

Due to their role in mountain safety, mountain lodges have a policy of never refusing accommodation, even if no reservation has been made. However, to help with the preparation of bedding, food, and room assignments, lodges do request that guests make an advanced reservation whenever possible. Even after booking, do not push yourself to reach the lodge neglecting your poor health or bad weather, which may lead to an accident. Whenever you change your plans and no longer intend to stay at a mountain lodge, please contact the lodge as soon as possible.

In peak climbing season, it can sometimes be difficult to contact the lodges due to busy lines. If that is the case, please try to call back later. Additionally, some of the phone numbers for lodges will not connect in winter when the lodges are closed.

Gakidake Goya (hut)

Opening PeriodEarly July thru late October
Capacity70 guests
ContactPhone/Fax: 0261-22-2220


Opening PeriodJuly 1st thru mid-October
Capacity80 guests
ContactPhone/FAX: 0261-22-0165

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Funakubo Goya (hut)

Opening PeriodJuly 1st thru mid-October
Capacity50 guests
ContactPhone: 0261-83-2014 / FAX: 0261-83-2659

Website (Japanese)

Nanakura Sanso (lodge)

Opening PeriodMid-April thru late Novemer
Capacity32 guests
ContactPhone: 0261-22-4006
Matsumoto Representative Office at:
Phone: 0263-34-0012 / FAX: 0263-32-8012
Omachi Representative Office at:
Phone: 0261-22-0964

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Mitsumata Sanso (hut) / Suisho Goya (hut) / Kumonodaira Sanso (hut)

Lodge/HutTrailheadOpening PeriodCapacityContact
Mitsumata SansoNanakuraJuly 1st thru October 15th80 guestsMitsumata Sanso Office
Phone: 0263-83-5735
FAX: 0263-83-8339
* On-season on-site phone:
Suisho GoyaJuly 10th thru September 25th30 guests
Kumonodaira SansoJuly 10th thru October 10th70 guests

Website (Japanese)

Noguchigoro Goya (hut) / Eboshi Goya (hut)

Lodge/HutTrailheadOpening PeriodCapacityContact
Noguchigoro GoyaNanakuraEarly July thru late September45 guestsPhone/FAX: 0261-22-5758
* On-season on-site phone:
Eboshi GoyaEarly July thru early October70 guestsPhone/FAX: 0261(22)5104
* On-season on-site phone:
Kuzu Hot Springs Takasekan at Phone: 0261-22-1446 / FAX: 0261-22-2606

Noguchigoro Goya website (Japanese)

Eboshi Goya website (Japanese)

Osawa Goya (hut) / Harinoki Goya (hut)

Lodge/HutTrailheadOpening PeriodCapacityContact
Osawa GoyaOgisawaJuly 1st thru September 7th20 guestsPhone/FAX: 0261-22-1584
* On-season on-site phone:
Harinoki GoyaJuly 1st thru October 13th100 guests

Website (Japanese)

Shinkoshi Sanso (hut) / Taneike Sanso (hut) / Tsumetaike Sanso (hut)

Lodge/HutTrailheadOpening PeriodCapacityContact
Shinkoshi SansoOgisawaJuly 1st thru late September80 guestsPhone: 0261-22-1263
FAX: 0261-23-4542
Taneike SansoMid-June thru mid-October200 guests
Tsumetaike SansoOtaniharaGolden Week (April 29th thru May 5th) and mid-June thru mid-October250 guests

Website (Japanese)


CampsiteSpacesApply for Use to
Near Gakidake GoyaLimitedGakidake Goya
Fudosawa / Nigorisawa Campsite20 tentsEboshi Goya / Takasekan
Near Seiranso10 tentsSeiranso
Near Eboshi Goya20 tentsEboshi Goya
Near Mitsumata Sanso70 tentsMitsumata Sanso
Near Kumonodaira Sanso50 tentsKumonodaira Sanso
Near Funakubo5 tentsFunakubo Goya
Near Osawa GoyaLimitedOsawa Goya
Near Harinoki Pass20 tentsHarinoki Goya
Near Taneike Sanso20 tentsTaneike Sanso
Near Tsumetaike Sanso30 tentsTsumetaike Sanso
  • Tent fees for camping range from 500 to 800 yen per person.
  • When you arrive, please familiarize yourself with the arrangement of facilities such as toilets and water re-fills.
  • Tents should only be pitched in the specified locations. Please try not to bother other climbers by, for example, making noise during the night.

* The Fudosawa / Nigorisawa Campsite is not available when the Nanakura-Takase road is closed due to heavy rain or other reasons.