Peace of Mind of Climbing with a Local Guide

It is recommended that those who are unfamiliar with the mountains of Japan, or climbing in general, enter the mountains under the guidance of a local mountain guide. For this purpose, Japan’s first Mountain Guide Association was established in Omachi.

Omachi Mountain Guide Association website (Japanese)

Taking Account of Mountain Weather

Especially in the afternoon, the weather in the mountains is subject to change quickly and without warning. For this reason, departing early and planning to arrive with time to spare are cardinal rules of mountain climbing. After 2 p.m., there can be a risk of lightning strikes on the ridgeline. In this situation, please proceed to the nearest mountain lodge as soon as possible. Given that the weather is subject to change rapidly, please be prepared by bringing appropriate equipment, clothing, and extra food. Strong wind and rain on the ridgeline, as well as heavy sweating, can cool the body very quickly and drain your strength. To avoid this, please plan ahead and bring appropriate clothing. Even outside of the winter season, remaining snow in May to June and early snow in October mean that snow climbing equipment may be required at these times.

Managing Your Health

Drink plenty of water to avoid troubles such as dehydration and heat stroke. If you feel bad or the weather is worsening, have the courage to turn back. Regular training and plenty of sleep are good ways to prepare for safe climbing. Always remember to check weather and route information before you depart.

Preserving the Natural Environment

In order to protect the valuable nature, picking of alpine plants is strictly prohibited. Please do not leave the trail or enter locations outside of the trail.
Similarly, only pitch tents in the specified campsites.
Please use the toilets at the mountain lodges and trailheads.
Taking your garbage with you is an important part of mountain manners.
Please try to limit bringing items that will produce a lot of garbage.

Submitting a Climbing Plan Notification

Please make a conservative climbing plan, submit a climbing plan notification and, wherever possible, make reservations for stays at mountain lodges. Please submit your climbing plan notifications at the notification posts located at Shinano Omachi Station or at trailheads. Route times in guide books and maps are approximations, please leave time to spare in your planning.

Climbing Plan Notification Form (PDF)

Taking a Means of Communication with You

Please bring a means of communication such as a cell phone or radio with you. However, be aware that cell phone signals vary depending on location, weather, and model of phone. Don’t rely on being able to make a call. Additionally, your phone’s power consumption will be increased in the mountains. It is important to keep your phone powered off until you need to use it.